KITU against mass retrenchments in Byju’s

Massive retrenchments happening in Byju’s, in which hundreds of employees made to forcefully resign from the company. Karnataka State IT/ITeS Employees Union (KITU) strongly condemns this illegal action by the management of Byju’s. According to the Industrial Disputes Act, Companies that employs more than 100 employees need to obtain approval from the Government in order to execute layoffs/retrenchments. Retrenchments are permitted only for specific reasons and under certain regulations defined in the Industrial Disputes Act.
KITU warns Byju’s that as per the Industrial Disputes Act 1947 section 2(ra), unfair labour practices (“to indulge in acts of force or violence”), it is an offense on the part of an employer to force an employee to resign. Employee has all the legal right to refuse to sign the resignation.
KITU extends all support to the affected employees in Byju’s and urges the management to respect the law of the land and reinstate all retrenched employees with immediate effect. KITU calls upon all the IT/ITeS employees to come forward in solidarity with the employees of Byju’s and against the inhuman practice of forced resignation.
Don’t Panic! Refuse to Resign!
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